What is Scandinavian design? Scandinavia refers to the Nordic Countries; where room inspiration comes from a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Coming home to a clean minimalistic bedroom or living room can help us relax when we can get overwhelmed with the hustle of life.

We can create a Scandinavian interior by keeping colors bright and neutral with accents of dark. Crisp white walls can completely open up a space while dark pieces and accent walls prevent it from becoming too washed out. A white brick wall will add texture and character to any room as well. Pictured below is the Bostik specialty brick in white. 

Light narrow wood floors complete a Scandinavian inspired room by adding simplistic color and a timeless look. Mirage’s Natural Collection in Yellow Birch is shown; however, many more similar options are available. Furthermore, white shag rugs with grid like patterns are also very popular, making the room feel open and comforting.

 Kane Carpets has a fully customizable version of this in their Tibetan Collection in the pattern North Ridge. Any of these ideas can be easily implemented into any home to make it feel modern but calming. Plants will add life to a room and finish off the look.