Top 4 tile flooring trends

Top 4 tile flooring trends

Your tile flooring project can be simple when you visit your local tile shop. The standard-sized ceramic tile placed in a grid pattern always looks attractive. Or you can opt for a unique floor that includes tiles in several sizes and colors laid in one of many eye-catching layout patterns. Indoor City in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has what you need for your project, regardless of its complexity. Choose between at-home or in-store shopping. When comparing products, consider the following trends.

Wood-look tile

If you like the look of wood and the look of a popular layout pattern like chevron or herringbone, then wood look tile is best for your project. Tiles are rectangular and smaller than planks. Most often, tiles are made of porcelain, the most durable type of tile on the market.

Textured tile

Textured tile looks and feels like the material it mimics. In other words, instead of a typically smooth, glazed flat surface, the surface is rough. Tiles that have horizontally linear or wavy designs make a space appear more prominent. In addition, tiles with a raised texture have increased slip resistance.

Creative layout patterns

Creative floor tile layout patterns, which often include versatile 2-inch mosaic tiles, can update a classic look. For example, you can group several white mosaics to create a standard-sized tile. Then do the same with black mosaics, and you've got a twenty-first-century black and white tile floor.

Hexagons and more

Square and rectangular tiles top the tile popularity list. But more and more homeowners are choosing hexagon and octagon tiles as well as other non-traditional shapes. Octagon dot, or octagon-shaped tiles that are accented by four smaller tiles, offers a classic look.

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