Shannon Hockenberry

Design Manager

Shannon believes everyone should live in a space that makes them feel happy and comfortable. Life is too short to not love your surroundings!

A little about me
Shannon has been with Indoor City since the Fall of 2012. She graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle with a BFA in Interior Design. Shannon’s prior work experience was centered on ceramic tile, which is her favorite part of the design world. Shannon really enjoys being a part of every stage of a design. She loves helping clients select the colors and materials that people will be living within their homes.

Shannon lives in Manheim with her husband, Mike, her step-son, Eli, and their fluffy dog, Bean. She loves yoga/working out, hand lettering & spending time with her little family on the weekends.

Favorite product
Isla King Wood Collection

Favorite ice cream
Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby

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