What you need to know about area rugs

Area rugs might be small compared to your wall-to-wall flooring, but they serve a significant purpose from both an aesthetic and functional perspective. They add style to any room and bring all the design components, such as colors, together. The rugs also insulate from noise, provide safety from hard falls, and add warmth and comfort. Here are some of the questions we hear most often in our showroom.

Will they hide my beautiful floors?

No. A scatter rug will accent, highlight, and draw attention to the floor. For example, hardwood floors have gorgeous undertones (secondary colors), and a coordinating mat will only bring them out more. They will add texture and visual interest, creating a focal point and drawing the eye toward other floor surfaces in the room.

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What if I find a rug I love, but it doesn’t fit my room measurements?

No problem, because this is one big reason to decide on custom area rugs. The carpet can be cut, shaped, and taken to the binding department to finish the edges and accommodate your specifications. It can also save money or preserve a family heirloom because you can salvage the "good" parts. You can also design an area rug for a special occasion, whether you need a logo, monogram, or some notable saying.

Can I use one of these rugs to divide a space?

Yes. Sometimes you may want to section off part of a room to use as an office, reading room, library, etc. It’s also not unusual to find one big room that includes a seating area and dining space. Coordinating rugs clearly define and differentiate the spaces.
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How should it fit?

The rug should be large enough to fit under major furniture pieces, such as sofas and coffee tables, with 12 or 18 inches of bare floor exposed. If it doesn’t fit entirely under, it's acceptable to have it anchored by the front legs. In the case of a bed, you can always use two matching runners on each side.

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