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We pride ourselves in our talented team of installers (more like technicians) that bring with them years of experience in the flooring industry. Their vast knowledge will assure that your product will be installed properly with the design followed to perfection. Our technicians have been with Indoor City for years – we are 100% confident in their competence and dedication to your job. They treat your home like it’s their own! Please take a moment to review the following helpful tips on what to expect during your installation. Renovations and installations of flooring or showers may seem like a daunting task – it can be nerve-wracking to go into this process with a handful of "unknowns". Listed below are some common expectations in regards to the installation of your new flooring. Reading and understanding these expectations can insure an efficient installation – as well as ease your mind now that you will know what to expect.




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Flooring expectations

Dust - Dust will be generated from the removal of existing floor covering as well as installation of new material. Our installers will do their best to minimize dust; however, it is not possible to completely eliminate it. Indoor City will be responsible for leaving the installation site broom clean and does not pay or reimburse for cleaning upon completion of the project.

Preparation - Before installers arrive please remove all personal items, clothing, toys, small furniture, and breakables. Remove china from hutches and unplug lamps. These items should be moved to a safe location. Remove pictures and photos from walls and empty the bottom of closets. Remove linens from beds and drawers from dressers. Disconnect and remove any electronics, computers, and TVs. Completing the removal of items before the installers arrive will speed the installation time. The temperature of your home must remain at a minimum of 65 degrees 48 hours before and after installation.

Walls/baseboards/ceiling nail pops - Our installers will use caution while in your home to prevent marking baseboards and walls; however, some minor scratching or marking can occur during removal of old flooring and installation of new flooring. Ceiling nail pops can occur while removing the old flooring. Indoor City is not responsible in any way for minor scratches, marks and nail pops in ceilings.

Floor prep/unforeseen subfloor issues - While the estimator is in your home he/she will determine what is needed to properly prepare your sub-floor for installation. This is included in the price of installation. However, there are times that unforeseen issues will arise upon removing your existing floor. Items such as old adhesives, loose sub-floor, rot, insect damage or mold must be addressed before installing any new flooring. If an unanticipated subfloor issue needs to be addressed, an extra charge will apply based on labor and materials. In some cases, proper repairs must be performed by another contractor which may delay installation. Indoor City is not responsible for unexpected subfloor issues and schedule delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Extra material/waste factor - A waste factor of 5-15%, according to the specific product, is used when calculating waste for a job. No two jobs are alike. Many unforeseeable installation factors can affect the quantity of material used. Natural materials are especially susceptible to fluctuating waste factors – both in the positive or negative according to the lot received. Materials for your order are considered special order and excess material is not returnable or refundable. We will leave the excess material with you. Please keep the material in a flat, dry area for future repairs.

Shading/texture variation - Many flooring products can look and feel slightly different when they are installed in your home. This can be especially prevalent in natural products such as stone and hardwood. Dye-lots, lighting, paint color and even furniture lay out can all affect the appearance of your floor. Please remember that in the selection process you are working with samples that are representative of the product you are buying and when placed in a large area a product selection may appear differently than the sample. Be sure to review your selection carefully with your salesperson if the variation is a concern.

Trims/moldings - Trims and moldings are designed to coordinate with your product selections but are sometimes not exact matches. They are often made in different factories and vary according to the material. The trims that are necessary for each job are carefully selected for function as well as design esthetic.