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How to choose flooring for bathrooms

In the bathroom flooring is important. The world today gives us so many responsibilities and distractions to attend to that we all seek some kind of oasis of peace. Frequently in our homes, it is our bathrooms that we retreat to for some quiet “me” time. Whether the style of this room is classic, spa-inspired, conservative or glitzy, the most important part of this room is going to be the floor. You want the bathroom flooring to be safe and durable while reflecting your personal taste.


When choosing a bathroom floor there are some key considerations you must make. Our designers can help you determine the issues unique to your bathroom and find the right solutions.

Style - Your distinctive style should always be a consideration. As other factors shape the options for your bathroom floor, your style will help you navigate the myriad of color and design options available for your bathroom floor.

Traffic - Do you have children and/or pets that will be sharing the space? Hardwood flooring can create a warm inviting look in the bathroom but if there is going to be a lot of wear and tear on the floor you may want to look at wood look tile or Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Budget - Budget should always be a consideration. You can find new options with even small changes to your budget. Do you have a budget you’d like to strictly adhere to, or do you have a little wiggle room in your wallet? Our designers can help you find options that will match your style AND your wallet.
Are you planning on staying in your home for 5 years or less or is this your forever home? A new floor will improve the value of your home but only to a certain point. If you are planning on selling soon you will want to make sure your floor maximizes the resale value. If this is your forever home, then your personal dream floor awaits!

Material - There are so many flooring material possibilities when it comes to the bathroom. Because there is a high likelihood of water on the bathroom floor, carpet and hardwood are not as common as some of the more water friendly materials. We have listed the best types of flooring materials for bathrooms below.

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Best types of flooring for bathrooms

Tile is the the go to bathroom flooring material. There is such a wide variety of options available that you can create any look imaginable with tile floor. The water resistance, when properly grouted, is fantastic. Traditional porcelain or ceramic tile is readily available in various shapes, colors, sizes and patterns. There are endless design possibilities using these versatile materials. And don’t forget the classic beauty and elegance of marble. The natural variation in color enhances the interest in this timeless, and still current stone. When laid in forever patterns like basketweaves, Versailles, herringbone, and some of the more unusual mosaics, this is a statement product that will delight you and yours for years to come.


Do you see yourself in a Scandinavian inspired sauna/bath? Hardwood floors are a possibility especially in the engineered variety offered today. Additionally, keeping with the wood concept, there are numerous companies making porcelain and ceramic tiles that look like wood and come in a variety of plank sizes, colors and textures. Referring back to the above-mentioned LVP, there are plenty of plank products that really do look like wood, while being extremely user friendly for folks with families.


The burgeoning growth of luxury vinyl in plank (LVP) or luxury vinyl tile (LVT) products mean that there are many attractive, comfortable, and stylish products to choose from that are water resistant easy on bare feet and capture a wide range of looks. Generally easy to install and, in many cases, waterproof, kid proof and pet proof these products have become a large part of the bathroom flooring industry.


A product still being used in many bathroom projects is sheet vinyl. Price friendly and easy care make this an enduring favorite for many homeowners.

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No matter what stage your project is in, we can help. Come to our lovely showroom and we can show you options and give you an inside view the collections from rare and noted manufacturers like Crossville, Geoffrey Court, Glazzio, MSI, Adex and Akdo as well as Lancaster’s favorite brands like Shaw, Mannington, Armstrong and Core-Tec. We have hundreds of brands and thousands of samples to make your dream bathroom a reality.

In short, whatever you can imagine, we can provide the flooring, counters, wall tile and window treatments to make that bathroom project dream come true. Our dedicated, talented staff will be delighted to help you choose, plan, and install the perfect bath floor, from classic to contemporary, we will be with you at each step of the way. We invite you to visit soon and often!

Bathroom flooring brands we carry:


Tile flooring

Adex USA
Amerian Olean
Anatolia Canada
Cleft Stone
Colorker from Spain
Dal Tile
Dolce Vita
Elon Tile
Florida Tile
Florium USA
Happy Floors
Jeffery Court
Lunada Bay
Marble Systems
Marca Carona
MSI International
Stone Partnership
Vallelunga Italy
Zen Paradise
and More!

Hardwood flooring

American Guild
Anderson, Armstrong
Carolina Mountain
Chesapeake Hardwood

Luxury vinyl tile

Du Château