8 Ways to Say I Love You to your Hardwood Floor this Valentine's Day:

Whether you are looking to renovate your residential or commercial space, hardwood is a reliable choice. Hardwood lends itself to permanence to the interior and has been a popular choice for centuries. Natural hardwood, in either a solid or engineered construction, desires a loving relationship with a caregiver. Here are 10 ways to say I Love You:

  1. Be a Doormat.
    Walk off mats at doorways are the first line of defense for removing damaging particles that can have very negative effects on your lovely hardwood. The best practice is to remove your shoes altogether. Kiss them goodbye once inside the door.

  2. Leave the Stiletto Shoes.
    The pressure on the heal of a stiletto of a 5-foot, 110-pound woman is equivalent to the weight of an elephant. Stilettoswillpierce your hardwood causing dents and dings no matter the species of the hardwood and regardless if the construction is solid or engineered. Break up with the stilettos.

  3. Felt Pads Forever.
    Be sure all chairs, furniture, furnishings, and accessories have felt pads applied to the bottom of the leg/base. Touch up markers, stain pens and furniture repair kits go a long way in apologizing to your hardwood for blemishes.

  4. Tender Loving Care.
    Your hardwood loves to be touched and caressed by proper cleaning methods. Remove dust, dirt, and debris with a microfiber dusting mop (no sprays!) or the hard surface cleaning attachment on your vacuum system. Use the manufacturer recommended cleaner for your hardwood. Some manufacturers will require you to use their cleaner, which, will partner with their finish. If you are not directed to use a specific manufacturers cleaner, Bona Hardwood Cleaner is recommended. Not following proper cleaning methods can cause your hardwood to haze.

  5. Love Is in the Air.
    The air quality of your home provides the stability of your relationship with your hardwood. Ambient air should be maintained 24/7/365 at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 30 to 50% humidity. Say I Love You to your hardwood by keeping the doors and windows closed allowing your HVAC to stabilize the air. This is also best practices for ALL wood including kitchen cabinetry and furniture.

  6. Puppy Love. A dog's nails can be very damaging to your charming hardwood. Just like the ladies love a good pedicure, we should also include this service for our beloved dogs. Keep the nails trimmed.

  7. Stand Up to Standing Water.
    Even though natural hardwood has been harvested and turned into admirable planks, hardwood flooring is still a living organism that is seeking to drink up moisture wherever it can find it. Standing water quenches thirst. Clean up standing water as soon as possible.

  8. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.
    As much as we all love the beauty and warmth that natural hardwood brings, natural hardwood is not for all homeowners and all situations. If your family is active with children, potbelly pigs, chickens and dogs running through your space, hardwood may not be the best choice for you. The flooring industry is flooded with beautiful hardwood looks that will be just as effective. A natural hardwood alternative is not considered cheating.