What about laminate flooring in hallways?

What about laminate flooring in hallways?

The best laminate flooring stands up to the daily wear and tear expected in a high-traffic space like a hallway.

Wood-look planks and wood, stone, ceramic, and concrete-look tiles can be found at Indoor City in Lancaster, PA. We also have a large selection that features colorful patterned designs.

Composition of laminate flooring

Laminate is a multiple-layer material with a fiberboard core or a core made of wood fibers, meaning your hallway floor will always be warm underfoot.

Laminate wood flooring is topped by a transparent wear layer that covers an image layer. Planks and tiles can be embossed to feel like the material they mimic and display the most authentic look.

Standard and waterproof brands

Standard laminate flooring resists water, and as long as you immediately wipe up the water or liquid spill that pools on the surface, no damage will occur.

On the other hand, waterproof brands can repel water for the amount of time specified in the owner's manual, which is usually about one day. Inside and outside door mats mitigate cleanup around entryways.


Laminate flooring can be installed over any subfloor material in your hallway and an existing hard surface floor. That's because planks and tiles click and lock together so installers can construct a 'no attachment' floor that floats above the surface beneath it.

Padding is laid first to provide underfoot comfort, sound absorption, thermal insulation, and moisture protection.

Your area’s go-to laminate flooring store

Indoor City brings high-quality floor coverings and flooring services to these Pennsylvania counties: Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Dauphin, and Berks.

Our services include flooring installation, design consultation, and area rug binding. In addition, we have the top flooring brands available. So, shop at home or visit our showroom in Lancaster, PA, today to find the best laminate flooring. You’ll be glad you did!