A Carrara Alternative

It is no doubt that Carrara Marble is a stunning and prestigious material. Quarried in Northern Italy and used by the Ancient Romans, this well-known stone is not only luxurious but still remains a staple in current design trends. The reality of this material lies in its porosity. Marble is more porous, softer, and is a more chemically sensitive stone than granite. A marble surface will show wear sooner than granite but can be restored with honing and polishing more easily. Another maintenance concern with marble is that it can be easily etched by acids, including soft drinks and juice. Marble can also absorb oils and other liquids which make the stone susceptible to staining. Often time using marble in a kitchen or a heavily used bathroom is not advised due to the high maintenance qualities of the stone.

Today there are many products on the market that imitate the natural look of Carrara marble without the maintenance concerns. A great product for flooring and wall applications is the Deluxe White porcelain tile made by Marca Corona. This product is manufactured in Italy and comes in a variety of different tile sizes ranging from 12x 24 tiles to 24x 48 sizes. This tile manufacturer also offers this Carrara look tile in both a honed and polished finish.

A great option for Carrara Marble looking countertops without the maintenance is the Neve or the London Sky Quartz by Zodiaq. Quartz is a man-made product made from 94% ground quartz mixed with a polyester resin to help bind the minerals together. The resin within the quartz slab helps to make the material scratch and stain resistant. Also because the material is manmade, there is little to no porosity within the stone making the product extremely low maintenance. With a product such as this, you will get the aesthetic of true Carrara Marble without the maintenance.