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Best tile flooring options for your bathroom remodel

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are excellent flooring options for your bathroom upgrade. These made-from-clay tile materials are long-lasting, and their just-installed appearance is easy to maintain.

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Porcelain, made of fine kaolin clay, is a dense, heavy, and naturally waterproof material that is hardened in a kiln at a high temperature. As a result, porcelain tile is the most durable type of tile available today, and because porcelain is such a strong material, it takes skill to cut it.

While colors and designs are many, wood look and stone look porcelain tile is trendy and suitable for bathrooms.


Less costly ceramic tile flooring is made of coarse clay and hardened in a kiln at a lower temperature than porcelain tile. This type of tile, waterproof when glazed, tends to come in standard sizes and solid colors or simple designs.

In addition, the upkeep of ceramic and porcelain tile is minimal since it requires only routine damp-mopping and periodic sealing of grout joints.

Layout patterns

Tile is more than a functional floor covering; you can get quite creative when choosing tile flooring.

Floor layout patterns like herringbone and basket weave, attractive borders, and custom medallions are a few eye-catching design elements used to craft a one-of-a-kind floor. Or choose two or more tiles that vary in color, design, or size.

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