Can both ceramic and porcelain tiles be used on floors?

Can both ceramic and porcelain tiles be used on floors?

Floors and walls were constructed with ceramic tile in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, and now, thousands of years later, these clay-based tiles are still favored by homeowners.

Porcelain, a type of ceramic, is also available in many designs, including those that mimic other flooring materials like wood and stone.

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Ceramic vs. porcelain

Ceramic tile is made of coarse clay, and porcelain tile is made of fine kaolin clay hardened in the kiln at a higher temperature than coarse clay. While porcelain is the superior material, ceramic tile will serve you well for many years.

Ceramic absorbs liquid, so tiles are glazed to repel water while stronger and denser porcelain is naturally waterproof.

Non-traditional installation

Many homeowners limit floor tile installations to the bathroom and kitchen. However, that has changed, and today, ceramic and porcelain tile is commonly chosen for living spaces. Here are a few reasons to follow this trend:

● Styles are numerous, and many are appropriate for non-traditional spaces.

● Clay-based tiles are good heat conductors, working well with a radiant heat system.

● It's easy to add visual appeal to a room by placing rugs on a tile floor, including different layered rugs in color and material.

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