Can luxury vinyl flooring work with radiant heating?

Can luxury vinyl flooring work with radiant heating?

A radiant heating system installed underneath your floor works well with luxury vinyl plank and tile. You'll need LVP or LVT flooring with a click-lock system so there is enough space for the system's wiring.

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Luxury vinyl specifics

Because vinyl planks and tiles are thin, vinyl floors quickly warm and cool. Vinyl flooring thickness ranges from as low as 2mm to 8mm or more, and if you choose 5mm flooring, it will be thick enough to handle high foot traffic but thin enough to let heat flow through it.

Remember that the thickness of the wear layer of luxury vinyl flooring determines durability.

Heat setting

Precise instructions for homeowners with a radiant heating system are in the manufacturer's specifications. But typically, the year-round temperature in a home should be no lower than 65° F and no greater than 80° F to prevent plank or tile shrinkage or color degradation.

Further, relative humidity should be controlled and maintained between 30-70% RH. 


It's a good idea to set your thermostat at 65° during the first 24 hours you use your heating system and then increase the setting to the desired temperature. For example, you might find it best to maintain a temperature of 70° to 75°.

This is because the LVP flooring surface tends to be about 5 degrees above the room thermostat set temperature, but air steadily cools as it rises to the ceiling.

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