Custom 3-Panel Shade Treatment

This unique, 3-panel door gives these homeowners a great view to their back deck and wooded backyard, and it USED to also give them headaches when the afternoon sun was shining in blindingly and harming their hardwood floors. This gave us the opportunity to do a beautiful custom treatment.

With such a great view to the outdoors, these avid bird watchers normally want nothing covering these doors, so they wanted something that would be easy to operate and low profile so when they wanted the shades up they were practically hidden. The combination of roller shades and a wood cornice did the job nicely. Up-close, you can see the soft woven texture of the roller shades, which ties in nicely with the soft green wall color and view of the outdoors. By matching the color of the new wood cornice to their existing white casing and doors, the cornice blends in like it was a part of the room all along! The keystone on the wood cornice is not only decorative, but also necessary for such a wide span. Shown in this photo, you'll see the only thing visible when the shades are up is the continuous-cord-loop operating lift systems for the center and left panel. This corded-loop system makes roller shades easy to operate on long windows, where it's hard to reach, so they are perfect for the 2 fixed-panels of this door!