Designing Lancaster - Sprout

Sometimes, there are projects that just really resonate with you as a person - the style, the colors, and the feel of all the products and how they work together. As a designer, these are the projects that bring life to what you do day in and day out. This was one of those projects for me.We recently had the privilege of working with Gallagher & Son's construction to transform a space in downtown Lancaster for Bernard & Alys Truong, the owners of the popular Lancaster Vietnamese restaurant Rice & Noodles. Bernard & Alys had an idea of what type of space they wanted to create - something fresh and simple (in a sense) - to encompass their motto that “food should be fresh, flavorful, satisfying, and uncomplicated. This is where Sprout of Rice & Noodles came about.Alys & Bernard were sure of one thing: they wanted to stay true to the buildings character (it's about history in downtown Lancaster) all while creating a more contemporary and inviting space for their customers to enjoy a fresh & delicious meal. To aid in in their overall vision of Sprout, Indoor City installed beautiful wood-look porcelain tiles in the main dining area of the new restaurant. The Redwood Natural tile helped give the space a warm, inviting feel (as natural hardwood normally does) but the durability (and clean-ability!) needed to support the busy foot traffic of a thriving restaurant. Customers actually think it is wood. It looks so natural and organic, Alys mentioned.

Indoor City also installed 4x16 wall tile with contrasting grout in the main restroom which gives the space a bright & clean feeling. Who knew a restaurant bathroom could look this great!? The final touches that Bernard and Alys added to the space really tied together their whole vision for Sprout. From the bright green walls to the stainless steel countertops & tables down to the rustic porcelain wood-look tile, they created a space that is inviting and fresh. Bernard mentioned that they love the mix of old and new. I have to say… we do too!From one family owned business to another, thank you for letting us be a part of Sprout. We look forward to enjoying many delicious meals at your new location in downtown Lancaster!