Exotic Hardwood Floors

If you are looking to make a statement with hardwood flooring, be sure to not miss the exotic hardwood options here at Indoor City! Look at the beauty of this Pecan hardwood floor:

What does 'exotic' hardwood mean? Exotic hardwoods are species that are found around the world, usually coming from the more tropical areas. Some of the more common exotic species are Brazilian Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Amendoim, and Tigerwood. Exotic hardwoods are harder and denser than domestic wood. However, it's important to remember that hardness is not the only factor when considering a durable floor.

Brazilian Cherry



Brazilian Walnut *All hardwood colors will change with exposure to light over time, whether you install domestic or exotic species. The exotic hardwoods, especially Brazilian Cherry, seem to change in a more rapid and drastic way. So be sure to consider how much sunlight your home gets in the rooms you are considering for hardwood floors.