Flooring Feature | Luxury Vinyl Tile: OMG---It's LVT!!!

Ah, technology! We all have different degrees of how it permeates our lives. Some of us are completely immersed in it, some of us only use the bare minimum and most of us probably fall somewhere in between. We picked one type of technology to dazzle your mind that is taking the flooring world by storm: Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT (since we have to abbreviate everything, btw).

So what is LVT? Maybe we should start by telling you what Luxury Vinyl Tile is NOT. LVT is not the tile flooring of yesteryear. Most of us have some experience with the old, mildly durable, limited-pattern, cold to walk on, paper-thin vinyl tile from the past. That stuff is a distant, distant relative of LVT. Imagine luxurious, flexible, yet tough as nails. Think easy to clean and a wide array of styles. Most of all, think AFFORDABLE, that's LVT!If you have kids, or animals, LVT is a great choice. If you have FEET, LVT is a great choice, now that we think about it! Most LVT has protective film that make it virtually waterproof and ridiculously easy to clean. LVT is extremely durable, able to withstand all kinds of punishment. Walking on LVT? Your feet are in for a treat. Not only does LVT have cushioning that makes it comfortable to walk on in any footwear, you can also walk barefoot! No more sprinting to the fridge on ice-cold floors or fumbling for something to put on so you don't have to sprint or do the tippy-toe dance.

Versatility? You bet. LVT is made to look like any number of surfaces like stone and wood. LVT even comes in plank form just like hardwood flooring, in a number of lengths and widths. It's available in a wide range of colors. Realistic stone patterns are even able to be grouted.Oh, we mentioned something about affordability, didn't we? Installed or DIY, Luxury Vinyl Tile won't bust your home improvement budget. Is it any wonder why LVT is the HOTTEST trend in flooring?Technology has made it possible to have durable, comfortable, affordable and fashionable flooring; Luxury Vinyl Tile more than lives up to its name! Stop by our showroom; we'll work side-by-side with you through the entire process---choosing styles, colors, answer any questions and most importantly work within your budget. Stay tuned for our next Flooring Blog when we'll talk about another flooring option---hardwood!