Glass Tile Varieties

Glass tile is on the rise and very popular in today's decorating standards. It can be used for a kitchen backsplash, shower wall tile, an accent wall behind a vanity, and whatever else you can think of!There are many different types of glass tile, all with a very unique look.

There is your typical clear or frosted glass tile which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is perfect for that clean, sleek, modern look. My personal favorite application for this type of glass tile is for shower walls, floor to ceiling.

Another type of glass tile is crackled glass. This tile is usually manufactured a bit differently but consists of a clay body with small pieces of broken glass epoxied on the surface. This particular style has a bit more glamour with its diamond look. Although this is a beautiful material, it does take an extra skilled laborer to cut the tiles and install them. It's best to super glue the edges once the tile is cut so the flakes of glass don't fall out.

There is also foiled glass, which comes in a field tile variety and encompassed in a mixed mosaic. This tile is typically metallic in tone and varies from bright silvers to deep bronzes. With the foiled look, it almost appears as if the tiles are antiqued and burnished.

Lastly, there is a marbleized glass tile. This particular style often looks more like marble or a natural material than what it actually consists of. Marbleized tile comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and often times, finishes. Most mosaics come in either a silk/matte finish or a pearl/iridescent finish. Personally, my favorite application for this style is an accent tile, whether it be a whole wall behind a vanity mirror or a small accent band in a kitchen backsplash. To learn more about glass tile styles and applications, come in and see one of our designers who would be happy to show you more! or continue reading more of our tile posts.