Hardwood Flooring, Part 2: Engineered Hardwood

In our last blog, we introduced you to the wide, wonderful world of hardwood flooring and focused on getting you up to speed on one type--solid hardwood. As you may remember, there are two types of hardwood. Engineered hardwood is the second type and today, we'll have a look at what distinguishes engineered flooring from solid, where to use it and why it's a great flooring choice!

Engineered HardwoodFirst, it's important to know that engineered hardwood is also composed of real wood. The main difference from solid hardwood is that engineered also consists of multiple layers of wood, called plies, that are glued together. Some of these plies are made of compressed wood particles. This multi-ply structure gives engineered wood excellent stability. Like solid hardwood, it's available in a wide array of lumber types, from domestic to exotic, various plank widths and a ton of color choices!Next, a big advantage to choosing engineered hardwoods is it resists changes in humidity and moisture, making it ideal for those below grade rooms or bathrooms or even mudrooms and entryways. As we mentioned before, below graderefers to rooms that are under the ground floor and are especially susceptible to changes in climate. Another big advantage is that engineered flooring, unlike solid, can be used on concrete sub-floors.

Yet another plus in favor of engineered hardwood is it uses less material, which reduces environmental concerns. Some companies, like Shaw, offer environmentally-friendly engineered hardwoods that use recycled wood as opposed to less green plywood. Like solid flooring, engineered flooring types are warrantied for various lengths of time and have a variety of noise resistant underlayments to reduce foot noise and feel comfortable when walking on them.Well, that summarizes what engineered flooring can offer; we'll keep the flooring talk going in our next blog! This next blog will give you an overview of other types of flooring, like bamboo, laminate and more, so be sure to check our website and social media to see when it's coming! For even more information, stop in and see one of our Design Experts; you can also visit websites of brands we trust and use, like Armstrong Flooring, , Shaw Flooring and Mohawk Flooring. See you soon! Information source: Armstrong Flooring website