Here’s what you might not know about hardwood flooring

Here’s what you might not know about hardwood flooring

Likely, you know that you will never need to replace a hardwood floor, and because the floor can be refinished numerous times, it's possible to maintain a like-new look throughout the years.

However, you may be surprised by how diverse your options are when you choose this prized floor covering. The trendiest hardwood flooring styles are available at Indoor City in Lancaster, PA.

Multi-colored wood floors are trendy.

Up to six different planks that range in color from light to dark can be combined to create a one-of-a-kind floor.

Choose a floor layout pattern for optimum visual interest, like herringbone or basketweave. Or opt for a wood species, such as hickory, that displays wide color variation.

Hardwood planks are available in textured styles.

Wire-brushed or handscraped wood flooring is striking and perfect for pet-friendly homes where minor scratching can be expected.

In addition, texturing is lighter and more consistent when you choose wire-brushed planks. Or opt for distressed boards that include wormholes, knots, and more.

Most hardwood floors display beveled edge planks.

If you join the majority of homeowners and choose prefinished planks, your new floor will display planks with a beveled edge or a V-shaped groove.

Installing unfinished hardwood flooring may be more inconvenient, but it is the best option if you like a flush look.

Hardwood flooring can be installed over cement slabs and existing flooring.

An engineered wood floor is worth consideration since it is versatile and durable. It looks like a solid wood floor because the planks include a hardwood surface layer.

Not only do planks click and lock together to form a 'no-nails' floating floor, but also the plywood base tolerates moisture.

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