Home (Improvement) for the Holidays

Let's face it; as holiday season ramps up to full speed, you'd love to have a new kitchen or new floors throughout the house to show off in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Realistically speaking, however, unless you've already got the installation started or scheduled it's probably going to be tough. If that's the case, there's a good chance you can have you improvements finished by the time the holidays get here. If not, between planning to host family and friends, shopping and the daily grind there isn't much time to consult, plan and have work done. Designing, ordering, scheduling and actually doing an installation takes careful planning and time. But don't give up! Here's a few ideas that can get a remodel started, or at least change the look of your home in time for the season!

  1. Stop in between shopping trips! Take a few minutes to look around the showroom or speak to one of our designers; just getting some inspiration or thoughts doesn't take that long and can at least get the planning stage started.
  2. Keep it simple! We have a great selection of area rugs; sometimes something as simple as a new rug and a couple other small changes (drapes, throw pillows) can transform a room!
  3. Clean, clean, clean! You'd be surprised how much better your floors, carpeting or countertops can look with a thorough cleaning. We have a huge array of products to clean carpeting, hardwood and tile to make them look like new!

There you have it; yes, it may be possible to sit down with us, plan a room and it could be done by Thanksgiving or Christmas - after all we like to think we're good at what we do! But if time constraints make Spring a more realistic target to start designing a remodel with us, try the tips we mentioned and you can still dazzle your guests for the holidays!