I'm Dreaming of White Countertops

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?? Or at least a white kitchen?? You're not alone!

Benjamin Moore named “Simply White it's Color of the Year for 2016. A great way to add white to your home, is with your countertops. Granite, Marble, Quartzite, and Quartz are all available in light color options.

BRIGHT. CLEAN. CRISP. The color white is the most versatile and brightest of neutrals. It appeals to modernists and traditionalists for its ability to make rooms appear lighter and livelier. No matter the decorating style, we notice the popularity of white countertops is growing. If you love the look of white countertops, there are plenty of options to choose from, but don't choose on just looks alone. It's important to also consider how you use the space, when looking at the many different natural and manufactured options.

I think a kitchen should be nice and airy, and white countertops really accentuate that look.
Megan Zaun, designer at Indoor City
Granite: Granite is a natural stone that's formed by the crystallization of molten rock. Each piece is unique and can vary slightly from slab-to-slab in color and pattern. Granite is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, some speckled and some veiny. However, a pure white color does not exist in granite. Thanks to nature, Granite is highly resistant to scratching, fading, and staining. Daily activities pose no problem to granite countertops. Indoor City professionally applies sealer to your tops upon installation. This sealer creates a barrier which eliminates moisture penetration, prevents staining and blocks bacteria growth. The frequency of re-sealing depends, but applying the sealer is as simple as wiping it on and wiping it off.

A great way to add drama to a space is with contrast. A white counter on dark cabinetry can add instant appeal to any contemporary or traditional space.
Amanda Voloshin, designer at Indoor City
Marble: Another natural stone to consider is marble. Marble offers classic, timeless beauty and a bright white color not available in granite. Nature creates beautiful, unique veining that can be subtle or make a statement. Marble countertops are great for working with pastry, since it is naturally cool and doesn't conduct heat very well. One of the major challenges to white natural stone, specifically marble, is avoiding stains from certain fruits, red wine, and acidic foods. Marble is high-maintenance even if sealed regularly, and is more susceptible to staining, scratching and etching.