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The ultimate joy and honor of this occupation is finding the right combination of materials, with purpose, that suit the homeowners and their space. Acknowledging not only the owners personal aesthetic, but the use of the designated areas, is what transforms a renovation into a reinvigoration of an area of one's home.The privilege of developing a relationship with the client cannot be dismissed. The trust my clients, Beth and Mike, placed in me to help them develop a new plan for their kitchen, center of their expanding family, was truly an honor. It was by no means simple.

After reviewing several color schemes and different types of granite and quartz, the "ah-ha" moment came when Mike fell in love with a particular slab of Triumph brushed granite. This became the focal point of the overall design. I believe finding the focus of any particular space is integral to the design process, after that things seem to fall almost organically. In their case, Beth and Mike chose to stay within a rich, warm, elegant palette.

We chose a subtle, yet intricate mosaic of Calacatta marble mixed with a Mojave brown clear glass by Akdo for the backsplash area, complimented by a warm, Venetian Bronze faucet and stainless steel sink. The homeowners had chosen to have their cabinets resurfaced in a lovely shade of white which integrated both the white in the granite and the Calacatta marble of the backsplash.

Completing the kitchen reimaging is a soft, warm and user friendly vinyl floor by Armstrong in Country Golden Oak that gives the look of hard wood without the maintenance worries when dealing with an enthusiastic, young puppy. Not pictured, but included in the overall design, is a full bath which incorporates the granite, cabinetry and bronze fixtures featured in the kitchen area. Warm paint colors in grey, white and brown continue into the dining room making a cohesive and inviting place for the extended family get-togethers this loving family enjoys.What an honor it has been to be a part of this process! The real bonus to me is to have established a relationship with two remarkable people, Beth and Mike, who I know as friends now. Many thanks to you both for inviting me into your home.