Installation Is The Key!

You've gone through the process of picking out your flooring, tile or countertops--- the type, the color and all the little details that go along with it. Now it's time to have it installed! While the prospect of upgrading your home is exciting, the installation is an often overlooked aspect of the project. When you think about it for a moment though, the installation is easily one of the most important parts. Why? Well, usually the first thought is you obviously want the installers you've chosen to be highly skilled at their jobs. After all, you've just spent a good chunk of your money on your flooring; you wouldn't ask a car mechanic to put it in for you!Beyond the obvious, however, is another underlying need: Trust. Yes, that's trust with a capital T. Think about it: whether you're using the installers employed by the business you bought the flooring from, their recommended contractor or an independent contractor it's pretty vital you trust them. Whoever these people are, they're entering your home, working around you and your family and essentially most everything and everyone you hold dear. That requires a great deal of trust. Hopefully you've carefully weighed your decisions about each step of your home improvement project and you have a good relationship and high level of trust as you consulted for design, decision-making and materials. That's great, because chances are you'll also feel good about the installers. That's why we feel that here at Indoor City when you've entrusted us with the design process, the natural step is to use the other key part of our team; our experienced installers. Many of our installers have worked for us for years and we've always counted on them to work at a highly skilled, professional, and courteous level---and they have!You can also consider using an independent contractor. Friends and family word-of-mouth can be helpful with that process. Often those people you trust are reliable for recommending people they trust as well. But isn't it nicer (and easier!) to have one less step to worry about? We think so, and feel like the value of having part of our team in your home will make your installation be even smoother! To sum up, results are a major part of the process of your home improvement project. Just don't forget that having peace of mind and feeling completely at ease when the installation phase begins is invaluable. Make sure you Trust who you do business with and anyone they have representing them. It will make your upgrade easier and more enjoyable!