Living on the Edge

So, you've selected your countertop material. You've picked your sink & faucet. Cabinets are ordered and on their way. You've decided on your kitchen backsplash tile & flooring. Phew! Those are all of the important details, right?Not quite! One little detail that helps finish off your kitchen is the edge profile that is selected for your granite, marble or quartz countertop. What is the edge profile? The edge profile is the style of finished edging that our granite fabricators polish (by hand) onto the edges of your countertop. If you didn't know you had a choice in edges, take a few minutes to browse through the edge profiles we offer at Indoor City. The nice thing about edge profiles - you can't make a wrong decision! They all look lovely once installed.

Standard Edges
Straight Polish
The straight polish (also called an eased edge) is the most simplistic edge treatment available. It leaves your countertop with a square edge. It is polished just enough to remove the sharpness of the raw granite edge.

Quarter Round
The quarter round leaves your countertop with an edge similar to the radius of a pencil. This slightly rounded edges takes off more than the straight polish, but still gives you a squared off look. It's a good happy-medium between the straight polish and the half round.

Half Round
The half round edges gives your countertop a nice, smooth, rounded finish. This edge is very comfortable to work up against - especially in a kitchen (while cooking) or in a bathroom (while looking in the mirror applying make-up or brushing your teeth).

Straight Bevel
The straight bevel gives you a small, 45 degree angled edge. A quarter inch is taken off of the sharp corner of your countertop. Don't worry - even though this edge is angled, it still gets smoothed and polished for a nice finished look.

Upgraded Edges
($15/linear foot extra)
The ogee edge contains one concave and one convex curve that adds a decorative flair to your countertop. Use this on a kitchen island for a special effect, or in your entire space to give the countertops some additional interest.

Full Round
The full round, also referred to as a full bullnose, is polished on both the top and bottom edge of your countertop. The entire edge of your countertop is rounded, almost creating a “half circle.

Demi Bullnose
The demi-bullnose is similar to the half round, however, the demi gives a more exaggerated curve to the edge of your countertop. It has an oblong taper that is said to make your countertop appear thicker!

Laminated Edges
Sometimes - one edge is just not enough. To really make a statement, you may want to consider doing a laminated edge. A laminated edge is where a 3-4 piece of granite, quartz or marble is laminated to the underside of your countertop (doubling the thickness of the stone). Although labor intensive, the beauty this creates is unmatched. The picture below shows an example of a kitchen island with a Half Round edge over an Ogee. We think it looks stunning!

As we mentioned before, you can't make a bad decision when it comes to an edge profile. They all look great on granite, marble or quartz countertops! If you're nervous about making the right choice, talk to one of our designers - we'd be happy to make a suggestion for which edge would be best for your style, space and needs.