Long Live Carpet? | Facts About America's #1 Flooring Choice

With the latest trends still telling us that hardwood is the king of flooring styles, you may be surprised to know; that carpeting still accounts for more than 60% of all flooring purchases! Yep, that's right --despite everything you read or see from designers crying “carpet is outdated, the fact is carpet is here to stay. Much of the reasoning behind that fact is because carpeting is and always will be a great flooring choice for certain areas of your home. Carpeting reduces noise in kids' playrooms; it saves energy by insulating sunrooms or unused bedrooms. Durable carpeting and thick padding is also a great flooring choice for high traffic areas. Plus, no other flooring gives you that soft, relaxing feel when you walk around the house like plush, luxurious carpet!Many mythssurrounding carpet serve to help the hardwood or tile trend's recent popularity surge, but let's be clear; today's carpeting is very different from the past. Technological advances have made carpetingeasier to maintain, last longer and be environmentally friendlyin addition to being stylish and fun. Carpet patterns are more beautiful and eye-catching than ever! With four different types of carpet fiber, you have a ton of options that offer different levels of durability and stain resistance to fit your needs.

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