Maintenance Tips: Carpet

The lasting beauty of your carpet depends on a few simple and easy rules:
Reduce Dirt Accumulation

  • Vacuuming carpet regularly to remove dirt and soil is of utmost importance in maintaining carpet.
  • Use walk-off mats at entrances to reduce outside dirt from being tracked on carpet and vacuum mats regularly.
(Caution: latex backed mats can cause yellowing) Periodic relocation of furniture, if possible, will allow for a more even distribution of foot traffic on carpets.

Remove Spills Promptly

  • Most spilled materials will stain or discolor carpet or can lead to increased soiling if not removed promptly.
  • Blot spill with a clean white dry cloth or paper towel.
  • Blot only - aggressive rubbing of carpet fibers will compromise the twist of the yarn.
  • Always follow up with water to rinse and to remove detergent if used. Continue blotting until area is thoroughly dry.
Warning: Many household chemicals may permanently stain or remove color from your carpet. The presence of stain resistant properties in your carpet will not prevent certain household chemicals from damaging, discoloring, or removing color from your carpet. (I.e. acne medications, household cleaners, bleaches, pesticides, plant food).

Professional Cleaning

  • Periodic professional cleaning of the overall carpet is highly recommended.
  • Hot water extraction is the preferred method for cleaning your carpet.
  • All manufacturers require your carpet to be cleaned every 18-24 months to validate the warranty.
  • Your warranty will be voided if this schedule is not followed.
  • If you are doing your own shampooing it is up to you to keep records of the dates you clean.

Please refer to your carpet manufacturer's website for additional cleaning tips.