Meet Amanda!

Amanda is one of our many talented designers here at Indoor City. Our designers are a big part of who we are, and we want to make sure everyone has the chance to get to know each one. Amanda is also a window treatment specialist who loves to find new and creative trends. See where she finds inspiration and read her thoughts on tile!

How did you get into designing?
I've alwayshad an interest in art, though I was not a natural-born fine artist. I found my calling for Interior Design in high school, when I concentrated most on art and architecture classes. I really enjoyed working with color, and how I could combine my artistic interests with my natural ability to problem solve and think through processes.

What do you find inspiration in when you design?
I tend to browse websites like Houzz and Pinterest regularly, always looking for new things that catch my eye and different ways that people are using materials. The internet is a great resource, and now that you can subscribe to digital magazines, I have everything I need right at my fingertips, anytime I want it!

What are some of the projects that come to mind that have incorporated tiles?
I have had a strange obsession with pebble tiles on shower floors ever since I designed a shower with wood-look tile on the shower walls and flat pebbles on the shower floor. It came together really well, and we finished off the shower with some nice olive limestone accessories.

What has your experience been like with tile?
I enjoy designing with tile because there are SO many ways to customize the look for a homeowner. One of my favorite places to get creative is a kitchen backsplash. One of the most overlooked, smallest tileable areas in a home. Sometimes customers walk into the showroom and ask “Can you show me tile for a backsplash? and I'm almost taken back, because there's really nothing you CAN'T use on a backsplash. Now, size.. aesthetics.. sure, that's where I can help direct customers to the right product. But the options for backsplash tile are really endless.

What is your favorite tile line?
I really like the glass tiles from Lunada Bay, especially the Tozen line. The way the colors swirl inside the clear glass tiles, remind me of an artist's brushstrokes. It's soft, yet impactful when used as an accent wall in a shower, or by itself as a backsplash. There are also a lot of different patterns and colors, which I really like.

What are some design tips you can give about choosing a tile/ installing tile/ maintaining tile?
I'm noticing more homeowners interested in low maintenance tile, especially in bathrooms, so I'm designing with porcelain tiles a lot. Finding the right grout is also a big thing to consider. The wrong grout color can wreck a great tile install. Also, considering how the grout will need maintained, and most homeowners are opting for the low maintenance option of premixed latex/acrylic grouts.One of my favorite new things with grout- is the Dimensions grout by Bostik. Dimensions, just like the name, adds a dimensional look to the grout. Instead of being a flat solid color like most cement-based grouts, this grout uses small glass beads as its colorant which gives a softer, almost shimmery look.