Meet Megan!

Megan studied Interior Design at the Art Institute of York, where she graduated with a bachelor's of science degree. She has had several years of experience in various types of tile and natural stone, as well as a familiarity working closely with other designers and architects. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, antiquing, cooking, painting and watching Netflix.

How did you get into designing?
It was something I always had an interest in. When I was little, my mom and I would decorate my Barbie's house and that's just kind of where it all started.

What is your favorite part about designing?
When you start a project, it's all about envisioning it and piecing together materials to make a whole and my favorite part is seeing the end result of everything you envisioned coming together into something unique and beautiful.

What do you find inspiration in when you design?
The combination of current trends, vintage appeal & pattern/texture mixing.

Is there someone in particular who has inspired you as a designer?
My mom. When I was younger, I would always get dragged along to antique stores and fabric stores, and after awhile, I started to enjoy it. I think our styles are very similar and I think I picked up a lot of my inspiration and knack for design from her.

Describe countertops in three words.
Unique, practical, and durable

What is your favorite countertop option? My favorite countertop option is the Carrara Grigio quartz from MSI. I love the classic marble look and this particular one has a nice combination of warm and cool tones which can make it very versatile for different cabinetry colors. I also think for being a man-made product, it looks extremely realistic, in fact when we got the sample in I had to ask my rep if he was sure it was a quartz product and not a real marble.

What has been your favorite project with countertops?
I did a kitchen late last year in Super White Quartzite, and it just turned out so beautifully. The countertop made such a statement on the white cabinets and dark hardwood floor, such a timeless beauty!

Which line is your favorite for countertops?
Cambria is a great line that offers tons of styles and colors. I do believe they have the most artistic approach to their designs and offer unique options to a homeowner.

What are some design tips you can give about choosing the right countertop option?
Choose something that you won't see yourself getting sick of in 2-3 years and something that is practical for your family, routine, and lifestyle. For instance, don't choose a marble countertop if you have 6 kids under the age of 10 and don't want to reseal it every year.

What are some tips you have for picking a countertop that matches cabinetry?
Envision what you want your kitchen to look like. If you are concerned with not having a great deal of light in your space and you already have dark cabinets, don't opt for a dark countertop, choose something that will lighten the space and appear airier. If you have white cabinetry and you don't want your kitchen feeling too sterile, opt for a nice contrasting color with movement.

Countertop cleaning tips:
Definitely use a natural stone/granite cleaner when cleaning granite countertops. Make sure to reseal your granite countertops on a timely basis and don't let that red wine sit for days on white marble!