New floors - the before is as important as the after!

You've been through the magazines and selected the look you have been dreaming of. You scour the market and find the perfect flooring to bring it together and it is perfect for a DIY project. You get it home and. . . .what now?Before you begin installing consider the following. Do you leave the current floor in place, remove it, or just hope the instructions in the package tell you exactly what to do? Subfloor prep is one of the most important steps in floor installation especially in resilient or floating products. Preparation and suitable underlayment installation are essential for a trouble-free job. At Indoor City our sales staff, estimators and installers are all trained to look at the issue of subfloor sometimes even before the material is chosen. Here are some of the issues we consider when looking at each individual job:

  1. What type of flooring is to be installed?
  2. New Construction or Remodel?
  3. What condition is the subfloor in? Five words to remember in subfloor prep: clean, smooth, structurally sound, level and dry.
  4. Has the subfloor been tested for Moisture and pH?
  5. What is the subfloor and what is it over?

All of these and other conditions can vary from job to job. Each set of unique conditions has a very specific series of steps required to prepare the substrate prior to installing the prep materials and then, the finish flooring. The finished floor is only as good as the base or the subfloor is!Come in and browse our huge showroom of products and we will be happy to help you whether it be a DIY project or an Indoor City installed project. After your floor is installed correctly you will be happy and rest assured it will last for years to come - and continue to be the look you always dreamed of.

Alterna Tile Floor

Pre-finished wood flooring.