Patriotic Tiles and Styles

With July 4thright around the corner, we are here to show you how you can use red, white, and blue tile in your home to perfectly capture your patriotic spirit.

This sharp red wave tile by Glazzio Tilesdoes a beautiful job at replicating the waving of the flag in the wind! This tile would look beautiful used as a bold backsplash along with white cabinets.

In tile, there are limitless options when it comes to the color white. You have ceramic tile, marble tile, glass tile, etc. But nothing comes close to the pureness and beauty of a white Thassos marble. This product, from Akdo, is a 2x8 glossy marble tile that glistens in the light. This tile would be beautiful anywhere, but we would love to see it used in a bathroom like shown below!

Blue is a pretty uncommon color for tile, but we have this fun, classic, penny round tile in a bold royal blue color. This tile, by Arvex Mosaics, could be used for a variety of things like your bathroom floor or even as a bold accent wall. It even seems to mimic the blue and white stars on the flag when used with a white or silver grout!

Like what you see? Come in to Indoor Cityand let us help you display your stars and stripes!