Singing the blues

Blue tile is becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the home. Showers and kitchen backsplashes make for the perfect place to add some emphasis with this gorgeous color. Oftentimes, Blues can be used in a variety of themes; anywhere from vintage to beachy, depending on the blue tone itself. Blues perfectly compliment whites and cream colors. Additionally, lighter colored wood tones bring warmth to a space and help to counterbalance cooler blue tones, like navy.

Here at Indoor City, we have a huge selection of blue tiles just like the inspiration images above. From square & rectangular tiles to all sorts of geometric blue tiles, you can find them here in our showroom located at 481 Harrisburg Avenue, Lancaster. Spice up your bathroom or create a focal point in your kitchen backslash with a patterned tile or create a one-of-a-kind shower design with something geometric. We also have a large selection of simple glass and sea glass inspired tile, perfect for bathrooms and beach-themed homes.

Samples pictured above are Azul Scallop Mosaic, Qualis Ceramica 4x4 Turquoise Mix & Jeffery Court Europa Arte.