Surviving a Home Renovation

Spring is in the air, birds are chirping and the sun is feeling stronger. Now is the time we come out of our winter hibernation and start thinking about our homes and renovating. Fear not, a home renovation can be a daunting process but here are some survival tips on making it through the process.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for Chronic Chaos.

When working on a home you never know what you may run into. Newer homes tend to lead to less problems, but when you get to older homes there can be many mysteries under those finishes. Be patient and expect things to be a little nutty. Older homes didn't have to be built to the same codes and standards that we have today. Take Steps to Minimize the Spread of ALL THAT DUST!

There is going to be dust and a ton of it. Take all your small items out of cabinets, books off book shelves, and put them all away in boxes. Store these boxes in an area of your home that will not be worked on. Cover all furniture with old sheets that can be easily washed after. Many times, your contractor will put up plastic sheet to help keep the dust in the area they are only working it. This will help, but it still finds its way out, unfortunately. By putting all your items away and covering things, this will help the cleanup process in the end. Prepare Yourself to Make Quick Decisions

You are in the middle of your bathroom tear out, you had planned on moving a wall, and you run into a mystery pipe. Don't worry! Being ready to make those quick decisions will help you with things like this. Have a list of plumbers, electricians and HVAC companies on hand (if you are doing this on your own). A contractor will be able to take care of most of these items for you. They will still consult with you, so be ready to make some executive decisions.Get Your Material EARLY!

There is nothing worse than being about 95% done with a project and then you run out of something. Order your material EARLY and order extra. It is always good to have extra material left when the job is completed. Items become discontinued so if something were to happen to your floor for example, in the future, it's nice to have those extra pieces around. Renovating a home is a fun and stressful process all wrapped up into one. Don't ever feel overwhelmed! Schedule an appointment with one of the designers at Indoor City and we are more than happy to answer any of your questions!