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The most popular hardwood flooring colors

If you’re searching for the perfect hardwood flooring, you'll learn a lot about color and which one is correct. First, however, it's important to remember that there are plenty to choose from as you search for your perfect fit.

Some woods have natural colors that you may want to consider, while others come via stain colors. Here are some ideas to help you choose the best colors for your home.

Trending colors in hardwood flooring

Whitewash is a prevalent choice, offering a fantastic match for various décor schemes. It's perfect for beachy, farmhouse, and rustic wood floors but works well in modern contemporary and many more.

Light stain colors are also trendy, with plenty of benefits that will work for your home. For example, light colors hide dirt and debris while giving you an excellent match for your interior and furnishings.

What about dark colors?

Dark hardwood colors are rich, lavish, and suited for high-end spaces like dining rooms and home offices. They show debris easier, but with a few added rugs or runners, it’s a much easier match.

Dark colors also help to make large rooms cozier and less looming, for wood floors with unique character. In addition, since these tones soak up sunlight rather than absorb it, you can expect less fading from these surfaces.

Find your perfect hardwood flooring colors today

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