Updating your Lancaster, PA space without a full home remodeling

Three ways to update your space without a full home remodeling

It’s often not necessary to change layouts or break down walls to spruce up your home. Things like adding color or lighting, extra storage, or just changing the floor can boost the space. Read on for some suggestions for doing a mini home remodeling.

#1: Update your window coverings

The right blinds and shutters will not only add design and architectural interest to your space but will also add value to your property. We explain to our customers that window coverings will also protect your floors since some areas are prone to fading when exposed to direct sunlight.  Hardwood floors can even change colors. Faux wood blinds add warmth to your home and are the most durable.  Plantation shutters are built right into the casements, so they become a permanent part of the house and add a wow factor because they open like French doors. 

#2: Spruce up your floors

Especially with wood floors, one of the great benefits is that they last forever.  We frequently caution customers about unnecessary replacement. Unless there is structural damage, very often, all it takes is a complete or simple hardwood refinishing to make them look like new. Don’t have wood floors?  A carpet re-stretch will accomplish the same thing, as will replacing broken and dingy tiles.  If all else fails, layer with some stunning area rugs.

#3 If your space is small

Nothing crowds a space as much as clutter.  Put things away by using appliance garages or built-ins. If you’re lucky enough to have the ceiling height, use it for storage. Light colors tend to provide a more open, airy space, as can mirrors.

We have a flooring showroom and a granite & marble yard in Lancaster, PA.  We work with homeowners in Lancaster County, Lebanon County, York County, Dauphin County, and Berks County.  Whether you want new flooring, window coverings, countertops, or more, our team of design professionals can help turn your home remodeling vision into reality. Be sure to ask about our free estimate.