Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring

How do I find the right tile flooring?

Our tile shop, Indoor City, is here to answer your questions. Picking out a floor tile can be challenging in many ways because there is such a wide variety to choose from. We can guide you with some tips and information.


Tile has a factor of hardness that you need to consider. The Moh scale of mineral hardness is what the industry uses to determine scratch resistance. Class 2 is for light foot traffic. Class 5 is for heavy foot traffic. Classes 3-4 are for residential environments. Think about your family, whether large or small, what room is the center of life in the home or where the guests congregate as variables to determine what Class of tile you should have. Talk about it with our staff to help you decide.


Two words will help you understand another factor about tile, the porosity of it, vitreous and impervious. Porosity measures the density of tile and its ability to absorb liquid. Porcelain, a waterproof tile, can be used indoors and out because it won't crack in freezing weather. Vitreous tile is water-resistant but can crack in freezing conditions because it absorbs a small amount of water. Semi-vitreous and non-vitreous tiles can only be used indoors in dry rooms, not in bathrooms.

Let us help you!

We are a locally and family-owned tile store in business for over 40 years ago and are central Pennsylvania's premier provider of quality materials and service for floor coverings. We have the highest standard of service amongst any of our competition. We have designers that work with you to create a unique space for life and work. Our showroom is in Lancaster County, PA, and we serve York County, Dauphin County, Berks County, and Lebanon County. We want you to find the right for your home. Please speak to our qualified and friendly staff about your tile flooring needs.