Top three trends for granite countertops

Top three trends for granite countertops

Granite countertops are 100 percent natural rock; every slab is unique. This high-end countertop material, found in a wide range of colors, is long-lasting, heat and scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

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Very light and very dark colors

While the most popular granite countertop colors are natural tones, classic whites, and elegant blacks, dark and bold colors like blue pearl, tropical green, and ruby red are trendy now.

Natural beige, brown, and gray tones give a kitchen or bathroom a more organic feel than other colors. Bold colors, on the other hand, add a cheerful and fun element to room decor.

Textured finishes

Granite with a polished finish is popular, but textured finishes are rising in demand.

  • Polished - glossy and almost mirror-like surface; characteristics of the natural stone are highlighted
  • Honed - smooth surface without any gloss or reflection; ideal for light colors and are popular kitchen countertops
  • Leathered - honed surface that has diamond-tipped brushes run over it to add texture with subtle dimples

Technology-integrated designs

Countertops that feature integrated technology like built-in wireless charging, induction cooking, and touchscreens are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in kitchen design.

Integrated modern technology allows you to create a minimalist design with a timeless look, and options will likely keep improving as technological advances are made.

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