What to know about carpet stretching

What to know about carpet stretching

Proper carpet stretching is vital to a beautiful, smooth installation. It also guarantees performance and longevity.

Wrinkles, rolls, and bumps

You'll get that when your carpet isn't stretched correctly. Over time, it will loosen (especially in an area with heavy foot traffic), and you'll get an unsightly appearance.

Loose rugs also pose a tripping danger. And because it isn't secured correctly, there's nothing to protect the backing–and it will deteriorate.

How do you stretch carpets?

The professional will stretch the rug over the room’s perimeter and affix it tightly to the wall. The carpet store expert uses a power stretcher, a long pole with tines at the head.

Tack strips, and long wooden bars with protruding nails, may or may not need replacement.

Many mills require the use of a power stretcher. Knee kickers are only in small spaces, like the closet.

If the regulations aren’t followed, the warranty can be voided.

What are the benefits of carpets?

  1. Style. There's a good reason why carpet is so sought after by homeowners. There's something for everyone, every decor and every budget. Come into our carpet store, where you'll see an assortment of fibers, textures, colors, and constructions. Your carpet in Lancaster, PA, will come from brands like Mohawk, Shaw, Fabrica, Kane, and more. 
  2. Sound reduction. There's enough cushioning to eliminate the tap-tap-tap of footsteps or beeping devices. This is a great advantage to those who have infants or shift work residents.
  3. Softening from hard falls. 
  4. Improved indoor air quality. Rub traps pollutants in fibers, where they remain until deep-cleaned. Hence, they're taken out of the breathing zone.

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