When is carpet stretching necessary?

When is carpet stretching necessary?

It's time to call Indoor City when your carpeting loosens and develops unattractive ripples that are a safety hazard in areas where frequent foot traffic is the norm.

We offer carpet stretching services and install carpet in Lancaster, PA, and many other cities in a five-county area. In addition, we offer a great selection of the latest styles in our showroom.


When our installation team stretches your carpet, they aim to tighten and straighten it. When the job is complete, the carpeting is restored to its original condition, meaning it looks and feels new again.

This job is best left to professionals because, in addition to having all the right tools, the team has the experience needed to mitigate any problems.


Padding is integral to the installation process; your carpet will quickly become worn without it. Thus, it's essential to check the condition of the padding before the carpeting is stretched.

For example, if pets, water, or spills have damaged the padding or show excessive wear, it will need to be replaced before the carpet is stretched.

A few facts

You don't need to empty a room before our installers arrive; removing lamps, fragile items, and any easy-to-move items like fireplace tools is a good idea.

While the time it takes to complete a job varies according to the size and condition of your carpeting, expect our team to spend a few hours in your home. Then likely, the carpet won't need to be restretched a second time.

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