Window Treatment Lift Options

Why is it important to consider the way your new window treatments will be operated?
You want strength and durability, exceptional quality, and something that's as beautiful as they are functional. That's why Graber is working constantly to improve processes, maximize benefits, and above all, ensure your safety and the safety of your family. Not only do you need to think about children and pets in the home, but the location and how much you'll be opening and closing the treatments. These factors will help determine the lift operating system. We always recommend upgrading to cordless for safety and aesthetic reasons, but there are instances where we'd suggest other lift systems. Here's some helpful insight as to which lift system to choose:

Standard Cord Lock

This standard corded option is the basic operating lift system in the Graber blinds and shades. You will notice that when operating treatments with a cord, the cord will grow in length when the window treatment is raised. Corded treatments are recommended for wide windows to help lift the weight of heavy treatments. Cords are always visible, and can be a safety hazard. You should consider another lift option if there are pets and children in the home, and cords should never be used in children's rooms.


Cordless window treatments are the most popular choice to have in your home. Not only are they the safest lift option available, but they are also the most aesthetically pleasing. No one likes to look at cords that can become tangled or knotted. Keep in mind, if you want to be able to fully open and close the window treatment, you'll have to be able to reach the top of the window easily. Cordless option may not available in all window treatments, depending on the width and weight of the window treatment.

Continuous Loop Chain
Wide windows and windows that have heavy treatments can greatly benefit from having a continuous loop chain. Unlike the standard cordlock option, this looped chain does not grow when pulled, it simply moves around a circular motion. By being mounted to the window casing, it's out of site and not obstructing your view through the window. It's great for windows that you need to operate but the whole window is not easy to access, like behind your kitchen sink for example.


Graber motorized blinds and shades offer you the ultimate in simplicity, safety and style. Whether from a handheld remote, wall switch or programmable timer, you can take complete control of your home's window coverings from virtually any room and at any time. Motorization is ideal for homes with children or pets, as it is a safer alternative than accessible cords. Smooth, quiet operation is perfect for family rooms, home theaters and bedrooms. Windows that are hard to reach like foyer windows or behind a garden tub are also perfect applications of where to use motorization.;