Window Treatments: Shades

Window shades can be decorative, functional, or both. Shades are intended to diffuse the light entering the room. Graber is leading the industry with the softest fabrics available today. They have a variety of shade styles such as cellular, natural woven, pleated, roller and solar.

Cellular Shades: Graber Crystal Pleat Cellular Shades are a stylish way to boost the energy efficiency of your home. Offering excellent sound absorption, cellular shades also reduce noise in rooms with hard flooring, or help lessen noise caused by street traffic. If you don't have newer windows with low-E coating, you'll want to add a window treatment that helps reduce harmful UV rays that fade furniture and flooring. Graber offers cellular shades with soft spun-laced fabrics that block 97% of UV rays in room darkening, light filtering, and blackout qualities. These different light filtering qualities are what allows you to diffuse the light and add privacy to your preference. We like to suggest cellular shades in bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is a must.

Natural Woven Shades, Graber Tradewinds Natural Shades are constructed from organic, renewable resources, including bamboo, jute, and grasses. Optional Liners can be added to give more privacy and light control. The beauty of these natural products is that there can be lots of variation and overtime the product will patina naturally. Natural Shades work great in kitchens and living areas because they bring a soft and casual feeling of the outdoors to the space.

Pleated Shades, Graber Pleated Shades add depth and structure to traditional shades through evenly spaced, crisp folds of fabric. They are available in many stunning textiles, from sheer and light-filtering to opaque. Tailor these shades to your preference for privacy and light control. Graber just added dozens of new colors and fabrics, new cell sizes, and more options for customization! We recommend these shades to anyone looking for an economical and stylish window shade because they can add personality to any room.

Roller Shades, Graber LightWeaves Roller Shades are an easy-to-operate window shade that can easily match any type of decor. You'll be adding a sophisticated flair when you choose from the designer fabrics which are offered in a multitude of hues, patterns, and textures. Fabrics are offered in sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics so that you can determine the amount of light entering your space. In addition to hue and pattern, you can also choose to embellish these treatments with extra finishing touches like a scalloped trim and beaded or gimp trim. We like to suggest roller shades in kitchens because of their practicality and superior style.

Solar Shades Graber LightWeaves Solar Shades are a stylish, yet classic, shade option that will protect against glare and UV rays while maintaining the vista outside your window. This is great for homeowners who don't want to lose the view out of their windows even when the shade is pulled down. Solar shades will help absorb the heat coming through the window, making them a great option if you have older windows. Available in a multitude of fabrics, they can turn a room into a statement or perfectly compliment traditional décor. In addition to fabric style, you can also choose the weight and opacity of the fabric according to how you would like to regulate the light. These window treatments are not good for rooms that need privacy.