Bobbi Oatman

Meet Bobbi Oatman

Bobbi Oatman

Design & Sales

Bobbi is a skillful interior designer with a heart for creating beautiful, functional spaces. She has always been passionate about art and followed through by obtaining a certification in Interior Design from the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. With her education and experience in full-home design, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye for detail to her projects. Her passion for design extends beyond the walls of a room, as she is also a trained floral designer, adding a touch of natural elegance to her creations.

Beyond her design work, she finds fulfillment in spending time at Southern Carolina beaches, gardening, listening to music, cooking, and serving others through her church and community. She truly believes that the design process is not only about creativity but especially about service. Assisting the customer in pulling together all the things they love, in a way that works well together, is the most satisfying way to share her skills.

Currently residing in Manheim, she shares her home with her loving husband, vivacious daughter and snuggly husky.