Samantha Jordan

Meet Samantha Jordan

Samantha Jordan

Design & Sales

Samantha is a dynamic professional with a passion for design. She seamlessly blends her expertise in Interactive and Graphic Design with a background in Interior Design. Armed with a degree that reflects her creative prowess, she brings a unique perspective to every project.

Samantha's professional journey is anchored in a commitment to transforming spaces. Beyond her sales role, she finds joy in renovating, updating, and designing her own home—a testament to her hands-on approach and dedication to creating aesthetically pleasing environments.

Away from the design world, Samantha embraces the great outdoors. Boating and fishing are among her favorite pastimes. Family holds a special place in Samantha's heart, and she cherishes moments spent with loved ones.

With a blend of creativity, design, and a love for personal and professional growth, Samantha Jordan is not just shaping spaces but crafting a career that reflects her passion for making every space uniquely beautiful.